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Making Arrangements

Selecting a Cemetery

If you have already purchased a plot or have selected a cemetery, Sinai will work with the cemetery to make all necessary arrangements.

If you have not yet made a selection, we can help you choose a cemetery, either for a burial here in the Bay Area or in another community.

As you make this choice, you may want to consider such issues as:

  • Where other family members are buried
  • The affiliation of the deceased with a particular synagogue (some of which have dedicated sections in cemeteries throughout the Bay Area)
  • Proximity to family members who will visit the gravesite
  • Type of markers allowed (for example, some cemeteries permit only markers that are flush to the ground)
  • Cost, which can vary considerably in the Bay Area

To accommodate your wishes regarding burial, Sinai works closely with all Jewish cemeteries throughout the Bay Area.

Sinai owns and manages two cemeteries—Eternal Home Cemetery in Colma and Gan Shalom Cemetery in Briones. We have provided details about these cemeteries, including maps and photos.