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Making Arrangements

Ways To Honor a Life

There are many ways you can honor the life of someone you have lost. Our suggestions are only guidelines. You are free to personalize a service and other expressions of remembrance in any way you choose.

Eulogies and Readings

  • When writing eulogies or material to be included in a printed program, think about the qualities that defined the person who has died: his or her interests, favorite places, the sports (and teams) they followed, sense of humor, the wisdom they passed on, professional accomplishments, traditions with their family, travels, community interests, etc.

  • If you ask family members or friends to give eulogies, encourage them to include aspects of the person’s life that were personally important to them—beyond the information that others may already know.

  • When asking others to give eulogies, you will want to ask them to limit their speaking time—especially if there are several speakers. A poignant statement can communicate so much and can help you keep the service to a reasonable length.

Photographs and Music

  • Gather photographs that represent the life of the person who has died and mount them on a board or display them in frames.

  • Make a CD or bring music on a flash drive or digital music player (such as an iPod) of their favorite music to play during the service, or arrange for musicians to perform music they loved.


  • Create a printed program for the funeral or memorial service. This could include a photo of the deceased, a favorite saying, and the order of the service.